Why Use Anabolic Steroid?

Why use an anabolic steroid when you can go to the gym instead in order to enhance your physique–is a question often asked by someone who stands on a precipice of making a very important choice or decision. The main argument in favor of taking anabolic steroid hinges on the drug’s unique ability to grow muscles like they grow on trees.

Upon closer inspection, however, the all-important question turns out to be not an either-or situation. After all, you can’t grow muscles by being a couch potato. The fact remains that every individual–man or woman–must still spend time in the gym whether or not he or she decides to take the anabolic steroid challenge.

At the same time, food consumption must be kept constant if not increased exponentially in order to gain, say, between 20 to 30 pounds of muscle. However, this is not an all-inclusive diet. On the contrary, it’s a highly selective food choice that catapults protein consumption on top of the totem pole.

You just can’t take steroids and expect to muscle up without doing anything else. So in the final analysis, the anabolic lifestyle does not forgo strenuous physical activity and a sensible diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates. What anabolics are merely offering is the opportunity to seek another ally in muscular development–and one that can double up the gains from all the physical and dietary requirements.

The anabolic steroid likewise provides the dual benefit of the placebo effect and the moral support so vital to growing all the sexy muscles. Truly, human tissues, just like seeds–need all the help they need to grow and multiply. By working out and eating the right kinds of foods, there is no denying that tremendous gains can be made in muscular development.

However, there are some matters that can create constraints on all the gains. Just one of them is nitric oxide content. No matter how hard you work out or eat all the proteins the body needs, without a nitric oxide booster such as anabolics–it can still feel as if you’re merely throwing everything down the drain.

For protein synthesis to occur, it’s not just enough to ingest proteins. TheĀ  body also needs to be in a positive nitric oxide state. Now that you know this, your eyes have been opened.

You were blind, but now you could see. Only anabolic steroid can arrest the shortage of the compound so vital to maximizing your gains. Why knowingly limit the benefits when you could have it all? This is not like the frog which–according to a fable–ended up blowing up itself in response to flattery. After all, you aren’t filling yourself up with air. Rather, you are bulking up with quality muscle mass that leads to brute force.